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 For a sampling of our efforts (intended to keeping pushing the music forward) and in case you didn't have a chance to make it to see and/or hear some of the local talent, we share a sampling of those performances below.  While these public performances or 'jams' are available to anyone with a cell phone or audio recorder at the location, we go to extra effort to capture and enhance these performances to give the listener a sense of being there, hearing it played back with audio sensibility for the recording process.

This is also done for the benefit of the musicians themselves, and to create participation between and of venues, performers and audiences. 

Once our center is open, you will be able to enjoy many more performances such as these.

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Is video more your style?  Check out our InTheMix series below

WORMP is Listener Supported and FREE to Listen to

(but costs to provide...please Help)

We truly appreciate your support of our efforts

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Mission Statement: One Road Many Paths will provide complete cultural services of their discretion, form and fashion, using the latest equipment and technology to facilitate the engagement and involvement of individuals in and around the community with aspirations of Global outreach. Our mission is to provide cultural, artistic and educational initiatives within and of the community, engaging individuals and society.

The company's emphasis is on creating a central location to explore, expand and suggest artistic, cultural and community engaging events, while at the same time creating synergistic opportunities for and of such outreach. Thank you for sharing and supporting these efforts through investment in the community.

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"Smart Art, Living Art & Rescue Art "

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